The doctor of the future?


Dr Lawrence Wilson, MD
Nutritional Balancing & Hair Mineral Analysis
One cannot find words good enough to describe the wonderful, effective and inspirational works presented by Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”  Thomas Edison

Dr. Lawrence Wilson’s findings, following on from decades of proven research by the late Dr. Paul Eck, are already helping thousands heal safely and naturally from the damages caused by today’s heavily polluted environment.

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Origins of the Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

Why haven’t we been told about the historic origins of the Celtic Cross?  Once, when asked to research about ancient astrology and how the ancients might have been able to calculate the major planetary positions without modern tools or methods, I suddenly came across Crichton E.M. Miller’s amazing discovery.  Miller, a qualified Yachtmaster, describes how he stumbled upon the precious measuring functions of the Celtic Cross when trying to figure out how the pyramids might have been surveyed.  What he further discovered changes everything we have been led to believe. As my late master mariner father was highly skilled in using the sextant for ocean navigation, the secret origins of the Celtic Cross, which has been so revered in religion throughout the ages and the reasons for its real functions being hidden for so long, immediately made sense.  The real meaning behind the Celtic Cross and why it was so closely guarded and kept secret from others, Crichton claims, was because it was used as a major survival tool in ancient times.  This would appear to be the major reason that the Celtic Cross was kept as a sacred symbol.

Secret to guarding your beloved iMac hard drive from overheating



The other week, whilst doing photo editing, my beloved iMac desktop suddenly showed a line on the monitor.  Panicking, I quickly turned to Google search to see what to do.   This secret has saved my hard drive from being killed … at least for now.   I downloaded the recommended smcFanControl and adjusted the fan speeds which immediately started cooling the iMac and the line never reappeared.   If you do this, doublecheck before downloading software that it is the correct version for your iMac as well as arranging for Mac fans to be thorougly cleaned of dust and debris.